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This is my first MMO. I've been playing for over a year now, love it, have multiple tanks, but I am just now starting to get serious about doing endgame content (thank you HK-51). I've learned a lot about class roles from friends of mine who are experienced MMOers and one who has been doing endgame (HM FPs and Ops) on SWTOR for over a year now. I've personally done a few HM FPs (including one as a tank PT), tanked some Level 50 FPs and Heroic-4s and have only heard one person (a DPS who was jumping into the fight before me and then stealing my aggro) complain. Gotten a few compliments, so I don't think I'm doing too terribly.

I'm about to start doing regular endgame sessions.

I've been soaking up knowledge like crazy on stats, how to play tanks and such (*), but a lot of what I know is seat of my pants--I can't break it down in terms of verbalizing it in game mechanics. I also call things by the way they're used in SWTOR. And due to my lack of familiarity of other MMOs, I can't translate what I do know into terms someone more familiar with WoW would grok.

(*) - I also play DPS and healers and have played them in FPs and endgame content, so I have a pretty good grasp on their roles as well.

My dilemma:
One of the people I'm about to play regular endgame content with has played extensively on WoW but hasn't, as far as I know, done many (if any) FPs and zero endgame content on SWTOR. I leveled with her from about 15-50 with a DPS character, but now I'm playing one of my tanks. She's a DPS. She's very used to playing DPS with her SO tanking on WoW.

The way I learned DPS should play on SWTOR was validated/confirmed by this comment I found in the forum trying to find out if this question had been asked yet:

Quote: Originally Posted by Kitru View Post
your best bet (as a tank) is to work your way *down* through the enemy ranks (champ>elite>strong>standard), getting aggro on anything while making sure that your DPS starts chewing through their way *up* through the enemy ranks (standard>strong>elite>champ). DPS that decide to go outside of the proper kill order can make your life *very* annoying, which is why idiot DPS are the no. 1 cause of tank aggravation.
The way she learned it on WoW would be 'going outside the proper kill order'--attacking whatever the tank is attacking. And, yeah, is aggravating me already. We've already butt heads over it (nicely)--she thinks the method described in that quote is 'my' peculiar 'way', rather than what I've picked up as "standard" to SWTOR. I'm wanting the ability to correct her in the future, if need be, in terms she'll be able to understand given her WoW background.

What I need is help coming up with the (WoW) language to explain why the attack order above is how it works best in SWTOR--and especially why it is DPS need to start at the bottom and work their way up the order, and not by attacking what the tank attacks. If this is different from WoW, then why is it different? What mechanics/stat-based reasons make this the best way? My endgame experienced friend offered one reason--if the DPS aren't attacking the trash, the healer is going to get the aggro--but wouldn't that be the case in WoW?

I suspect there is mechanics/stat-based reasons for why there's a difference, but having someone lay it out (basically playing translator for me ) would be incredibly helpful. I don't need detailed numbers or anything, high level will suffice, but if numbers would help demonstrate it better, don't let me stop you. (I may just have to ask questions if I don't grasp it myself.)

Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobis, you're my only hope. TIA for any assistance you can provide!
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