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Damn. Torian dies, by far my favorite BH companion. Now I can't wait to see what your Hunter does next.
Yeah, yeah he does... I sometimes regret that each day. Hope you've kept reading on the other thread
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I just wanted to say that I love your writing. And the story was so very good.
But too sad with Torian gone for me. I hate to say that I won't be continuing on reading. With my line of work, I need happier stories. But keep on writing. You so such a wonderful job of it.
It's ok, I thought you might say that. I'm suspecting others have felt the same. I was wondering for a while if you had finished reading.
If your interested, I'm very vaguely writing an AU where Torian doesn't die in the Alternate Universe Weekly thread called Haran. It's guaranteed plain happiness with a very alive and loving Torian.
Here's a link to the first installment:
Happy one is the second post on that page of mine and there's two?? more so far up. Please read and enjoy.