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Quote: Originally Posted by PeterGun-SWE View Post
ATT: DamionSchubert and JovethGonzalez

Today i got a reply to my ticket(Ticket number: 7714886) regarding the changes to the Phantom gear.

Can you please shed some light on the reply i got, since i find it both worrying and that it contradicts DamionSchubert reply from last week in this thread.

Here is a quote of the reply, and i highlighted what bothers me.

So please can either DamionSchubert and/or JovethGonzalez give me/us a reply on what really will happen, will the ones of us who want the old 'pre-patch' look back... get it or not?

Help me DamionSchubert, you are my only hope!
Hey folks, just wanted to chime in here. Damion's post still applies above all. In fact, we're approaching a solution that we will share with you all shortly as soon as we have all the details ironed out. In sum, take Damion's last post as the most current state of this issue. Thank you!