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We were the Christian guild Nothing but The Blood, originally founded in WoW in 2008. We moved into this new game together at launch and would love to add to our guild family.
While we are a Christian guild, we do not require members be professed Christians, but that they adhere to the guild guidelines and rules.

: 18+ (children of guild members may be admitted)


* This is a Christian guild with Christian based values
* Real life comes first
* This is a social guild
* Progress toward operations depending on member interest
* Provide a positive and encouraging gaming experience
* Establish an atmosphere where members feel that logging into the game will build upon their walk with Christ rather than hinder their walk.


Quote: Originally Posted by Mommah
Nothing But The Blood has been the one factor that keeps me coming back to the game. Life can get cluttered and difficult, but Doll and Dull (Guild Owners) can always put things back into prospective. They are a calming factor when times are hard and energizers when life gets boring!

The fact that it is a family friendly guild with kids and parents playing together makes this the best guild I have been a part of. I know that anytime I come into the game, I don't have to worry about what is being said in chat or in Vent (Mumble now). The conversation is always fun, lively and Christ centered. The activities they host are inviting and fun and Doll is so quick to greet you that I had to ask her once if she had some sort of macro that she was using! She doesn't, she's just that gracious and observant!

When we raid together (whether it is all guild mates or with some pick-ups) we pray before we begin and Dull and Doll keep it clean and efficient to the end. No matter how many times we wipe, they are patient and kind and keep all things in prospective. They are great teachers and they really are examples of Christ among us in-game

Doll found me because of my character's name, Werfreeinhim. We chatted in game and she invited me to come play with them sometime. I was in a different Christian guild at the time (my 2nd guild and 2nd server to try to meet consistent, friendly folks to play with), but with more than 200 people on at any given time in that guild, I never got around to playing. I was busy answering questions in chat, it was overwhelming. Doll chatted with me just when I had decided to quit the game because I could not find a buddy to just quest with or just chat with while I quested.

So I came to NbTB to check this group out...and never left!

Mommah Alice
Quote: Originally Posted by Jukar
NBTB/GBF to me is a great family of fellow God-loving gamers. It allows me to strive to hold to the standards Christ would want me to behave. Everyone has been really good to me in all my time here.
Quote: Originally Posted by psalmheals
A good Christian family centred guild. With great Facebook daily scripture you can start your day with :-)
Quote: Originally Posted by Lhinneill
Grace by Faith is a guild with good people who are more than just someone you group with on Ops nights. Prayer requests are welcome--and when you ask, you know they really will be praying for you.
Quote: Originally Posted by Nahum
It's so nice to be in a guild that you can be yourself in. To be around a group of gamers that not only share your love of gaming but of Christ. So nice to be in a guild that knows real life comes first. Christ centered, good clean family fun!
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