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Are you also actively advocating for...

All Operative DPS
AP & Shieldtech PT
31 point Immortal or Vengence Jugg
31 point Sniper builds in any tree
Sorc DPS, 31 point Sorc healing
The entire Mercenary AC
Any 31 point Assassin builds

Because all of the above are afflicted with just about as many (if not more) problems than any Marauder spec, including Annihilation.

PT has Pyro.
Juggy has hybrid tank and lolsmash
Assassin and Sniper have hybrid builds only
Sorc has bubble stun and hybrid heals (though you do sometimes see a puddler)
Op has healing
Mercenary has healing, which is subpar, and is a complete farce otherwise.

And we're complaining about Annihilation being "less good" because it the easiest Marauder spec to neutralize from a DPS perspective (provided that healer(s) are spamming cleanses like crazy) and it has so-so burst (like the majority of other DPS specs for other ACs)?

I mean, compared to ANY other AC except maybe Sin or Sniper (which is of limited utility in RWZ to begin with), Marauder is in a good place. Sure, Anni being more viable in Rated would be nifty, but that's not going to happen until BioWare reduces the focus on pure burst in PVP. The spec is WAY TOO STRONG otherwise to muck with, it just isn't suited to the current metagame.
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