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01.15.2013 , 03:54 PM | #17
please cry more all u smash hater, i have yet to see any of you tell the truth
almost half of the fight goes like this, hit rage, jump oh watch out here it comes im gona kill everyobdy with one shot....oh wait i just got knocked back and in 5 sec root, root downt i just got stunned, trying to close in got rooted again, my resolve goes from full to none, here comes other stun...I'm Dead
wow i just did so much damage, i almost killed the entire team only if i could do more then 0 damage
rage jugg goes down faster then a clothy, so what are you peep keep complaining about, every class has a spec that can pwn rage jug in one on one, never hear good players complain , they adjust to the situation not like you no skill crybabys