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I do end up kicking them. Every time. It's just very irritating when I have to stop playing to look at the tank's gear and abilities and realize that they're an idiot.

Also, yes you would think that in pre 50 FP's that a tank class toon would be able to tank just fine, even if they are not a pure tank, however when you run into dozens of these idiots who first off don't even use their tanking stance, but secondly play like a dps, then you'll start to realize the frustration I'm running into. I don't care how many high threat abilities you have, if you're not using a threat generating rotation, not using a tanking stance, and you don't have a shield generator equipped then you are not a tank, and thus you should not be queuing in group finder to play as one. Especially when you're not even going to try and pull enemies off of the healers and the dps who are actually playing their roles correctly.
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