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01.15.2013 , 02:33 PM | #10
When was the last time any of you saw a watchman sent/anni mara in a ranked wz. It doesn't have the burst required for competitive play and the dots can be cleansed by all 3 healer classes (sorcs have to spec into their cleanse, others don't). I'm EWH on my sent and have played all 3 specs extensively, watchman/anni being my favorite and probably what I'm best at. I still often play watchman in regs to have fun and take a break from smashing. I have no incentive to bash watchman/anni, I actually have reverse bias. I'm saying it's unviable because it's unviable. Don't you think class balance should be premised on how well the spec can perform at the competitive level (rwzs)? I just need to l2p watchman and go back to lolsmashing right? Try doing even close to that well in a rated, where the enemy team doesn't just let you sit on one of their healers, which is what anni relies on to be effective.

Still better than most other specs? Better than concealment ops, arsenal mercs, and full lightning sorcs. Oh in that case watchman's fine. Srsly tho, sentinel might be my main, but my desire is to see every spec in the game become as balanced as possible for competitive PvP. I'm not saying anni is the worst spec in the game by any means, but not only is it by far the weakest sentinel/mara spec, it's also a subpar spec in general (srsly any of you who do ranked have you seen a watchman/anni in it other than in a pug/unorganized team?).