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01.15.2013 , 01:20 PM | #11
I personnally play an hybrid and I find I get better results with high-surge setup, although not FULL surge obviously.

I currently have 0,2 sec skived off my force lightning, an additionnal 5% of alacrity only drops this to 2,7.

I never cast anything else, and if shock comes off cd its a dps gain for me to interrupt FL after the 3rd tick for it (parse result at least seems to hint at a small dps gain played that way)

Full madness has to channel FL to the end, since their force regenration is heavily linked to it. Mine is provided by lightning effusion.

Additionnaly, EVERY attacks profit from surge, while only FL profits from alacrity.

For lightning, its a no brainer, no question's asked.

For standard 31 pts madness and 13/28 hybrid as well, FL is 40% of your damage, with DoTs making another 50% (including damage from CD since its still applying your dot)

However, for my 18/23 spec I seem to have better results going for that extra surge to a point. Obviously going all surge IS useless, the DR gets very harsh, but a 180ish/420 split is what i currently use.

Gives me about 78% surge, 1600-1650 dps on the dummy as mostly BH with DG hilt/armoring on the mainhand/offhand.

So alacrity is not useless imo, but I don't think the exact same itemnization works best for all specs.

Made some calculation, based on my spec damage % on my best parses, the potential gain from always fully channeling FL vs the way I put some abilities as higher priorities (meaning I will interrupt FL after 3rd tick for them) is 0,005% about.

Note, interrupting FL in a 0/13/28 or full madness spec being a bad idea, since you get a dps loss from about everything is a bad idea, so going for the more even split seems to be the way to go. Also FL is a bigger % of those spec total damage (40% vs 30% for mine) means you do gain more damage from that surge/alacrity swap.

Difference does remain minor at best from 300/300 split to a 420/180 split it seems tough. Its bound to become higher as you move that ratio to the extreme, since you gain less and less surge or alacrity over 300, and it IS heavily dependant on crit rate which is in turn dependant on willpower and crit rating. More power heavy specs obviously benefit more from alacrity. I used my own crit rating when "normal stimmed (cheap one from the npc merchant, +84 WP) which is 38% about (thats with 350ish crit rating and 2300ish willpower, if I recall accurately) corrected for spec on FL to 44% effective crit chance.

For simpler purpose, I ignored the higher crit chance on CD and just did a bundle on the damage % as if it was "one attack" vs FL. So ended up comparing the 30% FL damage vs the 70% that doesn't benefit from alacrity. (again, those numbers come from my spec, madness is 40%/60%)

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind however the bread and butter specs more than benefit for going to an even split, and possibly lightning would fare better with a possible 240/360 split. Don't know the spec enough to do the math tough.