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Part of the problem is, both the rage and the mirror focus talent trees are almost entirely build around smash/sweep. The talent tree itself makes the spec a one trick pony.

Unfortunately, since it's the shared tree between the advanced classes, Maras and sents are getting in on the act now too. The other problem is, they can leap to you 2 times. So even if you get them off you to avoid one smash, they can immediately leap right back on your and smash you anyways.

It should have been a warning sigh screaming bloody murder when you started seeing pvp groups with 7 juggs and 1 healer running around....winning a lot. The way I see it, focus/rage specs have a between 220% and a 240% increased damage of sweep/smash, with a 100.02% chance to crit on that 220-240% damage. So, with baseline stats, a crit would be about a 330% increase in damage over a baseline sweep/smash. And that's MINIMUM! This is based on talents that increase the damage 20%, and another that increases it 25% that stacks up to 4 times.

Wouldn't you like to have an ability on a non jugg/guard/mara/sent that had a 100% chance to crit and do 330% damage? BW nerfed just about every other talent tree for every class since launch in one way or another, in many cases for being far less ridiculous than this is. And yet, this hasn't been addresses yet?

Now, if you removed the singularity/shockwave talent completely, it wouldn't be bad at all. But what would you replace it with is the question. I'd personally recommend something that would make those trees worthwhile still, but not ridiculous like it is now.

The thing that peeves me off is BW says that a sage/sorc bubble stun is OP and it's going to get nerfed...Well, I personally see it as not bad at all. It builds resolve for one, and it breaks on damage. It's really an escape mechanism. And frankly, not many people run bubble stun spec at all anymore. It's all madness/balance. Yes, my mains are a sage and a sorc. Both are the madness/balance specs for PvP. Honestly, I think BW is behind the times a bit. Eight or nine months ago when everyone was tele/light, ya the bubble stun WAS a problem. But I've seen maybe, MAYBE 3 people run those trees in the last 2 weeks and I PvP constantly.

For my guardian, I actually prefer vigilance over focus. The aoe damage isn't as great, but that leap CC immunity is great against panicking players hitting all their CC abilities like crazy. I just think vigilance/vengeance trees have better survivability than the smash monkeys, barring they don't kill you outright with their lolsmash spam.

Meh, I make sure to /lol at smash monkeys now. Most of my characters are geared enough to eat a lolsmash and be able to overcome that burst for a win. It's when you have 3-4 of them flying at you doing it that makes it not worth pvping at all.