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It would be one thing if marauders/sentinels simply had a dps edge. But they also have the utility edge. I know this will instantly result in people rushing in to say that hybrids can do other roles - which is true. But if you take a hybrid as dps, you are taking them as just that - as dps. You aren't bringing them for the ability to toss off a sporadic heal or to attempt to offtank something. You are bringing them as dps.

Usually it's the hybrids which bring the group utility and buffs. This is to offset the fact that they will, more often than not, be outdps'd by a pure dps class. Which I am usually fine with. The problem is in this case? We have the pures with group utility and the higher numbers. Which, in a PvE environment, means that hybrids just become more unappealing by comparison.

Obviously though, Snipers/Gunslingers kind of lack in the utility department too. With a group damage reduction skill which has (I think, it has been a long time since I played either) a three minute cooldown - versus a Marauder/Sentinel which can pop group based cooldowns much faster. (Again, if memory serves)

I guess in short - it would be one thing if they just had the edge in terms of dps. That's fine. 5%? Sure. 11%? Yikes. (And has anyone compared the highest marauder to the lowest operative?) But there's absolutely no incentive to bring any melee aside from the sentinel/marauder. You know, unless you're afraid that it'd take to long to gear up all of them so you throw a powertech/vanguard a bone.

Hopefully the expansion will address some of these issues. As opposed to what I fear will be the case and just widen the gap more. (You know, since there are so many sentinels/marauders now)
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