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There are a lot of factors involved in this. The 3 main being: Gearing, Play style, and your healers.

Gearing a high endurance build and you will be "spiky-er" than if you went with a mitigation build.
Are your stats balanced? You are gonna get abused if one of your stats is way out of wack. (like ungodly high defense and crap all for absorb). Relic choices... Healing relic vs. Proc relic vs. Static defense relic. All are good but used in different ways.

Play style has an effect. If you are using a very sub-optimal priority/rotation it will have a big effect. Some tanks tend to favor using the Force Lightning heal, while some I've talked to say they rarely use it. How well and how often you use your cool downs has a major effect. Hell.... Even how well you know the fights has an effect.

Lastly, your healers will have an impact. My play style has changed to work with my healers. I know how hard I can push them before I overwhelm them. I have spent lots of hours and credits changing my gear and relics and grinding on bosses with my healer to see what works and what doesn't. "MY" healers have found it better when I gear for extreme mitigation with low HP, and have on many many occasions stated that the more aggressive I tank, the easier I am to heal.

A lot of it has to do with how much you put in to it. The more you dig into the math and experiment the better results you'll achieve.
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