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as far as being a new tank and grouping with others, just be sure you let others know that you are new. people will usually be more patient or give you some pointers. also, when you get to end game, make sure your gear is up to date or you won't be able to do much good if your other party members out gear you.

i play on the Jedi Covenant server, and there's always plenty of people online for both factions. people always looking for groups for FPs and heroics. it's not an RP server though, it's PVE.

now, i've played all three tank class types all the way to level 50. i would say that (and this is just my opinion) shadow/assassin tanks are the easiest to use, with vanguard/powertech being second, and guardian/juggernaut being the hardest. i would choose either shadow/assassin or vanguard/powertech to be your first. shadows have stealth, heal procs on their attacks, and have it easier when trying to hold aoe agro. vanguards have good utility with having both a leap and a pull, as well as a long range aoe taunt.

having said that, guardian is my favorite and the most satisfying tank to play for me. it's harder to hold aoe agro with them, but i enjoy the workout. it's a lot of fun. if you're looking for a good challenge, i'd start with a guardian/juggernaut.
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