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01.15.2013 , 12:25 PM | #2
PvE will tend to be more populated. RP will tend to be a better community.

I play on The Harbinger and I find the Imperial side to be more populated. I play both sides as I am playing through all of the class stories.

Regarding tanking, I have no experience with such things in this game. I think it falls into playstyle, but a quick google search might shed some light on which is best for what (multi-mob tanking, single-mob tanking, off-tanking, etc.) I do know that certain healers excel at certain areas.

My one suggestion to ease the introduction to the game would be to first know what gear you want to use. Know your primary stat (Str - JK/SW, Will - SI/JC, Aim - Trooper/BH, Cunning - Smuggler/Agent). Know your other gear options as well. Nothing makes getting along with community harder than rolling on something you cant even use or shouldnt use.

Good luck.