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Very true. Even if I deduced it even further and say 5 from each guild are ultimate super stars in PvP, that means I have to list 40 knuckle heads and embark on a legendary tale on why they are awesome. lol. I'll pass and just recognize the body of peps instead. That's what it should be all about anyways.
speaking of top players, The Bastion recently held a 1v1 tournament and has just started registration for a 2v2 tournament.

Naturally the quarter finalists in the 1v1 tournament were all from top rated teams. Obviously there is more than 1v1 to winning WZ but knowing all the classes well is a prerequisite for being good at 1v1.

I predict that BW is working on an automated toon copy feature so they can do a season 1 of RWZ where finalist from each server get copied to a play-off server and we'll get a SWTOR universe champion in 2013.

(My PvP mains are on Bastion)

Mr. Hat says "BW support is the best"!
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