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Hi guys! I was just curious about a few things. I am a fairly new player to the game and thus far have mostly focused on DPS classes to get a feel for the game. Traditionally, I am either a tank or healer. I played WoW for a multitude of years alternating between Warrior, Paladin, and Priest mains. My favorite roll of all has always been tank though. It is difficult and a lot of stress, but I enjoy it. From what I've been reading online and around these forums though, the community as a whole are very judgmental of tanks and quite harsh in their grading of them and such reports have left me afraid of tanking at all. I have since tried a couple healing classes and have found success playing a Mercenary and a Sage and while I enjoy it, it simply is not as exciting as tanking and certainly does not feel as rewarding. So how is the community on new players when it comes to a tank? Are they normally forgiving and leave room for mistakes or is it a quick learning curve or quickly find yourself denied in groups? From what I understand, tanking in this game is a tough role and is likely one I will need a good bit of practice at, but it is where my passion in MMOs usually lays. It is mostly that I enjoy this game immensely and do not want to be turned off by bad community experiences considering the community seems rather small and exclusive to begin with. ^.^

Also, with that in mind I have a couple questions:

RP servers vs PvE servers: Which tends to have a larger and more active community? I like the idea of being able to eventually RP as I max out my character, but I've been in an RP server thus far and I've seen the general chat go dead quiet for over an hour on some planets and up to 30 minutes on the fleet, sometime longer. It makes the game feel a bit dead for an mmo and as a social player, it drives me a bit crazy. I was just wondering if that is normal or just unique to my server. ^.^

Republic vs Empire: Which tends to be more active and more willing to group? I've noticed that as a republic player, finding open world groups for Heroics tends to be a pain and most of the time you simply get a "gain more levels so you can solo it" as a response.

Beginning tanking: If I do decide to start tanking, which class tends to be the easiest to 'learn' in? I like to PvP a good bit while I play, so decent PvPing would be nice as well. I know each class has its advantages and disadvantages and if I get into tanking, I plan to own all of them, but I'd like to start with the 'easiest' to learn.

Thanks ahead of time. I appreciate you taking the time to help a wee little noob. ^.^