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That's true, I also got that scene on my warrior. Thanks youtube for spoilers or I would have missed it too.

Since we are in the spoilers forum :

It happens when you are around level 45-47 on Hoth when you are fighting a NPC named Draagh (the name of the quest is "reallocation).
You can use any companion to help on the fight, but when Draagh is defeated and kneeling in front of you, make sure to dismiss your companion before you talk to him. Just right click on the companion's picture and click "dismiss" (you have to be alone to trigger the scene).

the scene is really cute indeed, don't miss it

About those quests with Wowrawn on Corellia, just make sure to dismiss Quinn and summon Pierce before you use your holocom or talk to Wowrawn. This way you will get 2 holoconversations with Quinn + the "apology" that you would miss otherwise.