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For a brief moment, Jese felt her mind run rampant, all the training she'd done for so long washed away in disbelief as this dark creature looked out of the eyes of the man she loved. Then she took a breath and felt her heart settle, her breathing even, her thoughts focus. The bright Light side of the Force rose inside her, its constant flow calming her, giving her thoughts clarity.

"What have you done with Felix?"

"Felix..." he rolled the word around in his mouth, testing it, "ah yes, the pathetic creature this body once belonged to."

Jese's soft purple eyes crystallized. "What are you?"

"I am Darth Tothav, destroyer of worlds, knower of secrets," he hissed, standing up, "and you shall bow to me!" He lifted his hands as if to shoot lightning at her. Jese formed a shield as quick as thought between them, but the lightning never came. Tothav snarled and reached out again without result. Jese lifted a hand and pinned the body of her fiance to the bed.

"This cannot be," he howled, struggling in vain.

"Let me ask you again," Jese said in a cold, clear voice, "what are you?"

The hatred in Felix's brown eyes was hard to see, but she focused on what was needed. The dark creature in her beloved raged, but she held firm. "I am Sith," he spat, "and I swear you will regret this!"

She concentrated on the ebb and flow of the Force. It was the same as always. No Dark side blot marking the presence of a Sith. "Your lack of Force sensitivity indicates not."

He glared at her.

"Is it the holocron? Is that where you came from?" she demanded.

For a moment he looked confused. "I...of course not! I speak out of a man's mouth with a man's body at my command. I am no pitiful holocron-stored shadow!"

Jese thought quickly. The holocrons often had a personality, an interface to converse with. Sometimes they'd even been created for the express purpose of recording the teachings of one specific person. But they were not alive, no matter their imitation of life. Of course, they were not downloaded into a person's mind either.

"I know Felix is in there," she said calmly to Tothav, "I want him back. Felix, if you can hear me, you need to fight. He isn't a spirit; he's nothing but a recording. Just data, nothing but data and a bad attitude."

"You can't have him," the creature snarled, "I will live, I will rule, I...arrrgh!"

Jese reached out with the Force, searching for the familiar spirit of her lover. "Felix, you stubborn man, you can do this," she whispered.

The man on the bed heaved and panted and finally looked up at her with a clear expression. She lifted her power, allowing him to move, and ran to him. "Are you okay?" she asked, holding him.

Felix gathered her up in his arms, his chest still heaving. "What was that?"

"I think we just met what that Darth put in your head."
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