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Quote: Originally Posted by DaTimba View Post
It's funny you're trying to troll me. Ask your guild, they've known me for quite a while.

Anyways I'm waiting to see this video of me hacking.
I am not trying to troll you, although I do troll occasionally. I have only been playing for about 2 months after an approximate 5-6 month hiatus (or more, I can't remember). So, I honestly don't know who you are. I recognize a few names from Space Slug but that's about it.

I know who Altruistic is Tai, he's one of the really easy kills from back when Covenant would queue ranked!

I see him more on the forums than in warzones now though.
Wrong. I had never played ranked until we played here recently, and we never played you. I am an easy kill, though. My e-cred is not very strong.
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