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01.15.2013 , 10:04 AM | #1061
Jumped on this morning thinking there would be a fix, for sure, for this...nope.

I've spent the past week looking at the three toons with this armor on, with mild irritation. I really don't want to play them until this is fixed. I spent a pretty penny getting them and will not be spending additional in-game credits to change the character's look(s) because the game company decided to change the armor's actual appearance , after the fact. I don't want to play them because they look completely silly now and certainly not the way I intended them to look when I spent the time and effort putting their appearance together.

Then Bio Ware decided to slap those of us that liked the armor how it was, in the face, with this morning's patch, adjusting the "icon" to match the "armor" in the skip tracer pack...instead of what they did with the phantom armor.

And by the way, the phantom armor's inventory icon doesn't match now, it still shows the armor without the shoulder wrap....but they didn't seem to notice that.

Still playing and most certainly still love the game...but I won't spend another dime on Cartel Packs.