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01.15.2013 , 09:30 AM | #7
What about a topic "The bubble situation" ?

To kill a sorc/sage with the stun bubble we need a huge burst because warriors and knights has a lack of crowd control, we do not have a 4sec stun. Force choke it's not a stun, it's chaneled.
Smash always been 5k+ since expertise boost, but now you can just reduce the cooldowns to 9~10sec, instead of 12sec. And the Rage/Focus management it's better now.

With my assassin I can do EASILY 10k damage in 2GCD, I come behind you and maul 2x.
Powertech, flameburst and 5k railshot.
Operative and Scoundrel with the backstab, it's a single hit like smash..

The problem is that smash it's an AOE and do the "same" damage in all the targets. A nerf to AOE and do 50% less damage in targets 5+ meters from you will be more balanced.