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Well Malgus and the Dreadmasters are going rogue in the end so they don't care about any illusion since tthere is no sign of the emperor whether or not the voice or the real guy was killed. I also don't like how easily the Exile was killed and how powerless she seemed against Xyriss. She had defeted Traya but once on Dromund Kaas she barley gets her act together and Revan was druged for years and then stops by the emperor to kill him by chance. That is all silly writing in the end.
You honestly believed Kreia to be that powerful? She's a sith knock off. Of course a full sith lord is gonna whoop the exiles ***. Meetra wasn't that powerful when compared to Revan, and revan wasn't all that powerful when compared to your TOR characters.

So logic says there is a steady increase of power as time moved on. Derp.
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