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I have been healing in PVP since the launch of the game and have been valor 100 for way too long. I would never go lower than 1100 expertise, especially because of all the LOLSmashers out there (the damage mitigation expertise provides is too important to give up). Also, I have done extensive testing of a higher bonus healing vs. a higher crit rate and have found the higher crit rate (around 38%) to be the best. I also heal ONLY in bubble popping spec.

Also, for the love of God, do not bring Tionese level gear into PVP. If you are going to bring any PVE gear into PVP it needs to be 63s (Dread Guard).
The person recommending tionese gear obviously meant that the player should get two of the PvE tionese pieces because of the set bonuses whereafter they could 1) Put belt/wrist EWH armorings into the pieces 2) Use those two pieces for the mandatory resolve 27 armorings you should wear.

I'm doubtful anyone discussing pvp would recommend someone else to bring actual tionese gear, we all know by now how bad that is. The tionese gear has the set bonus on the shell though, so in order to get PvE set bonuses for PvP thats the only way to BiS, since campaign with set bonuses only have 68 or 69 willpower compared to 72 with resolve 27 armorings.
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