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YOU CAN BUY 27 MODS on GTN that have loads of endurance, willpower and POWER ONLY. I suggest your information is OUT OF DATE my friend.

I don't think we'll be hearing much more on this subject then. Heavens
You really don't get it, do you? Of cource you can get MODs with endu,will and power/crit. But you will only get ENHANCEMENTS with endu,power/crit and surge/alacrity/accuracy. That is why only SURGE and ALACRITY compete with each other. You can only chose between those two! You obviously got like 500 surge judging from your 78% crit multiplier rating which is way beyond the point where the DR hits really, really hard (around 300 for most Healers and dps, madness sorcs go a little higher (~360)). Your're basicly trading 3% crit multiplier against 7-8% in alacrity which doesn't make sence.
This is what everybody is trying to explain to you in the various threads.
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