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June is still a Spring month technically, just like March is actually a Winter month (the Summer Solstice is June 21st and the Spring Equinox is March 20th so a majority of those months are actually the Spring and Winter, respectively). The game could be released 5 months from today, and it would still technically be a Spring release.

The reason that most people (myself included) think that RotHC isn't going to be released within the next 2 months and will most likely be released in the 4-6 month range is that it's not even in the closed beta yet (or, if it is, it's only in the friends-and-family phase 1 beta stage; as soon as it progresses beyond the people that actually signed an NDA rather than just agreeing to keep their mouths shut online, leaks happen no matter how hard the company tries). When you start seeing content leaks, you'll know that the expansion is going to be coming within the next month or two. It doesn't help that the developers themselves haven't actually given a date and instead just given a release season, which is a notoriously vague and poorly defined time frame since it gives them 3 months of working time (if not more since Spring can easily be pushed into Summer).

An xpac without a set date and non-friends-and-family closed/open beta, is generally a beta with more than a couple months left to develop. When we start seeing leaks (especially concerning the specific abilities that the classes will be getting) and people whispering about closed beta keys/access, we'll know it's coming sooner rather than later. As it stands, later is the safe bet.

IF you so then it most be ty .. just remember how the release went in Sept 2012 , but if you say so, then it must be time will tell and I agree with your time lines but the way BW does things lets see ...

I know how beta etc work but its how BW works that not with the others why I said what I did , what I should have said was how about 8 to 9 month from now ... owell