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actually yes. 2% alacrity i haven't managed to shift, just keep buying the gear and moving the mods around you'll work it out.

In the end you get stuck with alacrity naturally, but lets stop misleading people into YEAH GET SOME ALACRITY ITLL ALL TICK FAST AND YOU@LL DO LOADS OF DAMAGE AND HEALING.......erm my power/crit does that just darn hard enough it doesn't have to flash through and the increase in alacrity speed IS NOT IMPRESSIVE AT ALL.
For the last time, stacking alacrity has no effect whatsoever on your power or crit rating. No one is suggesting you should stack alacrity instead of power or crit. Why? Because it is impossible. Power and crit compete with each other. Alacrity competes with surge. You can trade power for crit or crit for power. You can trade alacrity for surge or surge for alacrity. You CANNOT trade power or crit for alacrity. That is just how the gear in this game works.

Everyone reading these threads understands this except you. If you can't understand it, then just stop trying to give advice.