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1. You should have no problem in aug'd WH gear, it comes down to the mechanics and the skill of your group

2. The operations are usually too difficult for the average PuG

Just because the PvP crowd is so hostile towards PvEers doesn't mean the same of some of us , I do both pretty hardcore as I enjoy getting the most bang for my buck by doing ALL the content
Mostly this. However, be willing to listen to EVERYTHING the group that brings you along with them tells you to do. While there are those of us willing to give fresh PvPers a chance at PvE, nothing is more irritating than being ignored when they're being carried for their first run (not trying to be mean here, but if you've never seen the fights before chances are you're going to be carried).

Also, make sure you know your abilities. It doesn't inspire your group with confidence if a gunslinger doesn't know they have a droid CC or your cooldowns such as your group shield (may sound exaggerated, but I've seen it).
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