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01.14.2013 , 11:45 PM | #1053
I don't think its fair to call the people who affected this change, whiny kids. This is a situation where both sides have legitimate gripes. It went well for those who bought based on the pictures, it went badly for those who bought based on the preview and how the items looked in game. Everyone got scammed (not intentionally, though). It was rectified for some, but not for the majority. I just hate the way that my toons look now, in game credits lost or not is irrelevant. I pay for my subscription, and my subscription includes the ability to dress up my characters and participate in the economy. I will never buy cartel items now, either for in game currency or real life cash, I just can't trust that Bioware isn't going to sneak into my closet in the middle of the night and change my outfits without my consent. Sure, they own the content, but I own my wallet. I can easily just walk away with my wallet, too. And I know that they want whats in my wallet. I just hope they will do the right thing.