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01.14.2013 , 11:30 PM | #1051
yes I spend money on cartel packs, almost $500 so far...because I can <shrug>

I hate what they did to the phantom armor. I thought I had the equivalent of the little black dress for my female smuggler and yummy corso, and now I look like I have a blow up doll around my neck. Given that I am biochem with diplomacy, I am light 5 already...BUT I have stupid red hazard dots on my body too. Wasted...wasted, credits and real money. I get you need to make money, but I have items bound to me I will never use, can't sell, can't vendor, I hate what you did to the armor I already had and really liked, and you changed it because of some whining kids. Don't you know big shoulders went out about 70 or 80 years ago.