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Howdy all. *stands up*

My name's Macdermott, and I'm a PvP'er.

So I know this means that I'm one of the unwashed arseholes who taints pve content with my incorrectly geared toon.

However - I really want the all black speeder the Aratech Nightscythe I think it's called?
The mission says I need to beat all the operations bosses in hard mode. Or at least a whole bunch of them. However it doesn't say what operations they are I'll assume I need to do all the operations.

1 - Can I do this in fully aug'd WH gear as a SS Slinger? I have 21k unbuffed hp and around 1800 mainstat.

2 - Why do these operations not appear in my group finder queue?

thanky spanky for any input you can give me.

And - if I need to grind my way up to black hole gear just to get the speeder, then I'm not doing it, so :P

I want to see all the game content at least once. I don't need no nightmare mode challenge; I'd be fine with story mode but the mission says hard hard mode it is.
1. You should have no problem in aug'd WH gear, it comes down to the mechanics and the skill of your group

2. The operations are usually too difficult for the average PuG

Just because the PvP crowd is so hostile towards PvEers doesn't mean the same of some of us , I do both pretty hardcore as I enjoy getting the most bang for my buck by doing ALL the content