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Hello Mac.

I've inserted some answers below your questions (in the quote box).

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Howdy all. *stands up*

My name's Macdermott, and I'm a PvP'er.

So I know this means that I'm one of the unwashed arseholes who taints pve content with my incorrectly geared toon.

However - I really want the all black speeder the Aratech Nightscythe I think it's called?
The mission says I need to beat all the operations bosses in hard mode. Or at least a whole bunch of them. However it doesn't say what operations they are I'll assume I need to do all the operations.

You don't need to do them all. It's EC HM, EV HM and Karagga HM, not Terror from Beyond (the latest one). And they must be on HARD MODE, not Story (nor Nightmare).

If you do them all in story mode, you'll get the red version of the speeder.

1 - Can I do this in fully aug'd WH gear as a MM Slinger? I have 21k unbuffed hp and around 1800 mainstat.

Yes. The content you need to do requires Rakata (well one of the Operations does, Explosive Content Hard Mode or EC HM - the other two EV HM and Karagga HM only need Columi level).

Your HP won't matter. Hopefully your main stats are accuracy at 100%, Crit at 30% unbuffed and Surge around 75%. This only matters if you want to contribute fully to the group when doing the hardest Operation - EC HM. The fact you already have a 63 level weapon barrel, albeit with expertise, will also help.

In short: aug'ed WH gear will do. But don't expect it'll be that easy to find a PVE Group willing to take you on EC HM in PVP gear. You'll have to do a bit of articulate persuading. I'm sure your'e capable :P

2 - Why do these operations not appear in my group finder queue?

Because Hard Mode Operations do not use Group Finder. You will have to find a group the old-fashioned way.

Note: EV HM and Karagga HM are easy. EC HM is not. For that you'll need a co-ordinated group on voicechat that know what they're doing. You'll also need to know the tactics - or you find a hardcore PVE Guild that can carry an extra DPS.

thanky spanky for any input you can give me.

And - if I need to grind my way up to black hole gear just to get the speeder, then I'm not doing it, so :P

Here's a option: do EV HM and Karagga HM in your PVP gear. Collect a full set of Rakata in the process. Then use the Rakata for EC HM if your group isn't keen on PVP gear - though WH will be adequate.

I want to see all the game content at least once. I don't need no nightmare mode challenge; I'd be fine with story mode but the mission says hard hard mode it is.

If I haven't said this before, the last boss on EC HM (for the unitiated) is hard. If I could give you any advice it would be (a) find a good Guild group to tag along with - do NOT PUG - and /or (b) do read the encounter mechanics before going in there.

Though it won't affect your speeder quest, you'd be best doing TFB on story mode if you want to see all content. Chances of getting a TFB HM group in PVP gear will be around 0%.

Hope that helps. I've probably answered some questions you already knew, just trying to be comprehensive :P