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01.14.2013 , 10:45 PM | #1
Howdy all. *stands up*

My name's Macdermott, and I'm a PvP'er.

So I know this means that I'm one of the unwashed arseholes who taints pve content with my incorrectly geared toon.

However - I really want the all black speeder the Aratech Nightscythe I think it's called?
The mission says I need to beat all the operations bosses in hard mode. Or at least a whole bunch of them. However it doesn't say what operations they are I'll assume I need to do all the operations.

1 - Can I do this in fully aug'd WH gear as a SS Slinger? I have 21k unbuffed hp and around 1800 mainstat.

2 - Why do these operations not appear in my group finder queue?

thanky spanky for any input you can give me.

And - if I need to grind my way up to black hole gear just to get the speeder, then I'm not doing it, so :P

I want to see all the game content at least once. I don't need no nightmare mode challenge; I'd be fine with story mode but the mission says hard hard mode it is.