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01.14.2013 , 07:06 PM | #4
I have been wondering the same thing, on my Rep toons, it was about 1 in 3or4 mission would return 3 augmentors, that rate has dropped to 1 in 5-10 lately.

So I dropped some skills on my Sorc and Assassin to pick up Slicing because Andronikos has that +2 crit to slicing, and I have not seen one drop in 2-3 days that I got slicing up to 400, and yes affection is 10k on both of them.

Anyone know if either "Mysterious Funds" or "Devoted to Duty" missions have a better drop rate then the other.. I know that "Whispers on ..." on the Rep side has a better rate for me. I have yet to see any Augmentors on the Imp side, without using a 340 Slicing mission.