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Really liked that Striges made me doodle (a lot) at work today (we were dead, honest) about what I'd have Broan's chin tattoo be.

Lovely insight, Bright. DS Jaesa does feel a little... unfinished in the conversations. Like you've been dumped with this borderline maniac hell-bent on destroying everything just because she can. Glimpsed the Dark Side and let it envelop her, rather than her it. I get the feeling that Jaesa might just wind up and end up on a path of self destruction, with or without Mellekor's help.

NoTLP: Confessions


Taking place "currently", so after Loyalty. The box in question is the holocron in Discoveries. I should imagine Jedi holocrons aren't exactly something that non-Sith could just have lying around, even if they are really, really pretty.

I feel out of practice, I'm not sure how well this piece came out :/