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@Tonxix, welcome to the thread! We don't see much of the EU (extended universe) such as the Overlords in our character backgrounds; I always like learning new existing-Star-Wars stuff and finding it woven into a new story. Your entry was quite readable; I think the only distracting things for me as a native speaker were the absence of capitals on "Jedi" and "Sith" and the use of ampersands (&) rather than "and."

@Mags, good to see you back, and Miriah, too! Major d'aw for the worrying and reassurance there.

@Striges, always glad to see more Jurial. I sympathize...rather a lot...with "My several instructors will testify to my insatiable curiosity. I suspect I was--and am--not always an easy student."

Now, Behind the Scenes inspired 800 words about ol' Mellekor, my first-ever Sith Warrior but also the one who has only inspired one other fanfic scene ever. So, here, Mellekor, have the stage. No spoilers.


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