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Ewh is the top tier pvp gear. But there is very minimal stats upgrade from wh to ewh.

A full wh augmented dps is good enough for all pve content up to hm tfb. So yes you are more than geared enough for any hm fps as long as you are familiar with the mechanics of the instances. Do the story mode first if you don't.

Rating | PVE | PVP
63 | Dread Guard / Hazmat | EWH
61 | Campaign / BH | WH

Pug group tends to not value pvp gear and may not take you for hm tfb, which is where most of the DG gears drop. So if you are not in a raiding guild, I suggest your path of pve gear progression next will be campaign/bh gear. Campaign/bh is the same rating as WH but it has more stats for the expense of expertise (a pvp only stats).

Do the groupfinders/dailies/weeklies for BH comms. Do EC HM for campaign gear.

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