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While I see where you're coming from with this, I'd have to disagree. Humans aren't "programmed". Our environment and the people around me can influence me, but I can still do (or at least attempt to do) whatever I choose. I had a wonderful childhood and I'm a pretty happy person. But I could kill someone. Obviously I don't want to as my prior experiences have led me to believe that it would be wrong to do so. But I could do it anyway. That's free will.

We're conditioned more than programmed. And no matter how much you condition a human to believe something or act a certain way, they can always refuse - a computer can't. That's free will.
it does the same for droids or any true AI... the flaw in your argument is that any true AI can learn and adapt just as well as any organic... any decent AI could and will learn, adapt, evolve and have as many random sparks as a person will...

no offence to you but free will is an illusion... as you said we are conditioned... what you think is free will isn't... it's just a combination of random neurons firing and your experience... if you think there is some magical process in your brain that can not be duplicated in a computer you are mistaken

your entire personality and everything you are is nothing more than a combination of a straight logic process of your experiences plus some random variables thrown in... nothing really special and definitely nothing that can't be programmed or that can't be "learned" by a decent AI
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