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I'm sorry but IMO showing the RNG would only lead to more frustration - you roll a 21 and your more likely to be pissed that you missed the roll by one, not consoled that you just missed it. If you play table top RPGs you know exactly what I am talking about.

As for increasing your chances on RE attempts...

I think one of the problems with the system is a disconnect between BioWare's intent and the reality of player beliefs. What I mean is, I think the intent was for most to use green quality with the occasional blue, when in reality we as players focus on the possibility of purple. The flaw in this intent is that green quality crafted gear is crap compared to quest rewards and FP drops. If green quality crafted gear got a 15% stat boost across the board and blue quality got a 5% boost across the board, that would put green quality more in line with quest reward gear and players would be less inclined to focus on the RE process - green quality would be "good enough" (especially if you crit and get an augment slot) and blue quality would be a big step up and purple gear would be relegated to those with the time, credits, and patience to accept the 10% RE rate.