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Hey, I was wondering and attempting to figure out the canon results of all the world arcs, as it's kinda hard to tell what is the end result after having played both the Republic as well as the Empire, so I kinda wanted to make a sort of chronological timeline of it all, and hopefully find out what the canon 'conclusion' of each planet or situation is.

Obviously this will be full of SPOILERS.

Origin Planets
Hutta: Empire persuades local Hutts into alliance of some sort - so could be considered Imperial.
Korriban: Sith homeworld. Nothing of the galactic strife to be seen here. Obviously under Imperial control.

Ord Mantell: Republic foils Imperial backed-Seperatist attack and remains under Republic control.
Tython: Republic foils Imperial backed-trouble making of the Flesh Raiders.

Capital Worlds
Coruscant: Republic finds Imperials manipulation of the local criminal gangs as well as actual Imperials - they are wiped out before posing a threat.

Dromund Kaas:
Internal powerstruggles amongst the Sith seen but nothing major - Lord Tytonus's mercenary army gets repelled - no sign of Republic influence?

Post-capital World
Taris (Republic -> Imperial): Republic tries to resettle it, but this is later undone by the Empire - ends up Imperial controlled.
Balmorra (Imperial -> Republic): Empire squelches the resistance and occupies it, but is later the occupation is undone by the Republic.

Nar Shadaa (Hutt): Hutt controlled. Both sides vie to gain more influence. Republic destroys Imperial labor/extermination camps. Imperials mostly try to save their face and gain influence amongst the Hutt Cartel. Remains neutral.

Tatooine (Contested - originally Hutt or independent?): Both sides protect their interests and beachheads, and uncover and foil Czerka - no obvious clashes or Hutt influence - so remain neutral.

Alderaan (Contested -> Neutral): House Thul and Organa are being helped by their factions and both destroy House Ulgo and help House Panteer - I am uncertain what the actual result is.

Quesh (Hutt-Republic -> Contested): Used to be a joint Hutt-Republic effort, but becomes contested after the Empire gets cut a deal by the three families. Both factions try to gain loyality and block the other to gain help and more stims.

Hoth (Republic -> Contested): Republic controlled but backwater which is why the Empire is there. Both factions try to salvage wrecks and foil eachother's chance at doing so. Imperials mostly plan to force the Republic to overcommit in trying to defend their secrets.

Belsavis (Republic -> Contested): Republic controlled prison. Imperials seek to destabilise it, and to free the Dread Masters. Republicans try to control the damage, but you could say it's pretty much lost. The Dread Masters eventually turn rogue.

Voss (Neutral -> ?): Obviously neutral, but both factions seem to gain the support of the Voss Mystics by the end of the story arc so it's hard to say what's the actual conclusion.

Correlia (Republic -> Empire -> Republic = Contested?): The Imperial world arc seems to be about gaining control of Corellia with the help of Decimus, but in the Republican arc Decimus is later killed and the planet becomes liberated.
The Black Hole bonus series is about controlling the damage done by Councilor Torvix?

Ilum (Republic -> Contested -> Republic)
Though originally somewhat of a backwater Republican controlled planet, war breaks out on Ilum as the Imperials find out how to make new stealth generators for their ships here. Darth Malgus eventually does a power grab with his New Empire, but is beaten down after.

Denova (Contested -> Dread Masters -> ?):
Originally Republic controlled and invaded by the Empire, but is later turned into an army alligned to the Dread Masters, and both the Imperials and the Republicans beat down the uprising.

Asation (Gree -> Dread Masters -> ?)
Originally Gree controlled, but then later taken by the Dread Masters. No idea what happens here exactly, but both factions obviously try to stop the Dread Masters.

Makeb (Neutral -> Dread Masters + Hutt Cartel?)
Not much is known apart from that the Hutt Cartel with help of the Dread Masters seeks to control this world.
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