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Seal-Cub Clubbing Club
Prophecy of the Five ---- Republic

Seal-Cub Clubbing Club is recruiting dedicated players to build 8m Operations groups. Former Top 100 WoW Raiders/PvP, the guild is PvE oriented with organized rated warzones in the off days. Formed 1/6/2013, SCCC is a very new guild to the server looking to make a name for itself. Our members are NOT elitists, but we do require a level of intelligence and talent for our Ops groups.

What We're Recruiting:
We're currently recruiting all classes/roles to fill out Operations groups.

Progression-style. Raiders are expected to be punctual, dedicated (meaning you show up, unless for a good reason), play often, non-elitist. To the victors will go the spoils, but crying over loot is prohibited.

Looking to use Ops groups/additional recruiting for one -> two Rated WZ groups.

Trial Process

All applicants are expected to apply and adhere to the Guild Policies at If accepted, you will remain a trial member for a period of two weeks to be evaluated by guild officers. During this time, we will decide whether or not to keep you as a member of SCCC.

What are we looking for in our members?

We are looking for dedicated raiders who possess some degree of intelligence and grasp the basic mechanics of PvE content. Also, we are looking for players to be a member of our family. We don't want a large roster; rather, we want a short list of people we know by name, even the sound of their voice on Vent, and who are consistent in participating in guild activities. On top of that, you must like to club baby seals.

Infrastructure includes Ventrilo, forums, and a website for coordination.

We also ask that you be mature. Our chat has no profanity filters, and no limit. We like to have fun playing the game, but we don't want to deal with children. You must be 18 or older to apply.

Quick facts & Summary
- SCCC was founded by Chestipullr and Mo-Hawk on 1/6/2013.
- Experienced leadership and helpful environment.
- Will help with gear and mechanics; all we ask is a basic understanding of how the game works (raw talent, so to speak).
- Raid times TBD after roster is filled.
- Flexible members
- Mature guild
- Great community

Apply at !
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