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Impossible to Kite in this game without LoS. I have a 2 second root on creeping terror and a force speed. 15 and 20 second CD respectively. Ragers get 2 jumps and increased run speed after jumping. Their charge has a 30 meter range. In 2 seconds while they are rooted and I pop my force speed, I can't go 30 yards. Carnage is even worse, their big damage ability is 10 meter range (for a melee class...) And they have a root on another 10 meter throw that ignores resolve and force speed. Plus they have another root on their jump so I can't run away, and a third root on their channeled ability which is also uninterruptable for some reason. PT's are even worse than Ragers, harder to avoid railshot than smash, and same range, but getting pulled just irritates me much more than being jumped to. Worst of all is assassins. They pop out of nowhere, use my same abilities, hit harder with those abilities, get extra abilities on top of those that hit even harder, have multiple purges of my dots and roots, have my same speed, and on a shorter CD

The single thing that pisses me off most in this game though is those dots. Although I guess it's more of a madness thing than lightning, but does affect us both. Dots do not do more damage than regular abilities. So there is no DPS reason to choose them. They don't interrupt captures, or break stealth, so there is no gameplay reason to choose them. They do break CC, and are purgeable, so there is actually multiple reasons NOT to choose them.

DoT's in this game are in every way shape and form inferior to DD abilities in PVP. Every way.
This is true- dots are simply weak for us- don't do more damage, don't really unlock anything like rail shot or cull for us, we can't stack them we can't even protect them.

Our dots spec is also weaker than the other dots specs out there. We end up picking madness because lightning is simply worse.

Look at what our most popular spec was, back when people were actually happy to be sorc dps, when sorcs were positive about the game.

Wrath CL.

Affliction- instant.
DF- instant
Wrath CD- instant
Shock- instant
Wrath CL- instant
Lightning Barrage- double speed FL proc
FL- channeled but did good damage and snared

We could do good damage while being able to move- and that's not all- half of players would use the extra points to get root KB and stun bubble- so dps, plus great utility. Others, like me, went corruption for a hot and instant DI procs- so some ability to get heals off. (13/12/16 I imagine? lose one point in lightning barrage- but well worth it imo)

Now- what do we have?

Madness- lots of subpar dots that haven't scaled well, FL heavily mitigated- we do have DF though- we're being purged more and more as healers get smarter- WW still breaks on dots so our spec synergy is bad.

Lightning- good damage with luck, but very immobile, and nothing to protect against being smash trained- still no defensives, stun bubble under threat of a nerf. A 10 second every 2 min immunity protection buff isn't enough to make it good for RWZ.

Corruption- terrible force regen mechanic, it hurts too hard now, the aoe heal is pointless since nobody can stand close to each other or they'll be destroyed by smash

Hybrids- pretty much comes down to hybrid for the stun/root in lightning- as well, for corruption, the force regen. Now though, you lose damage by doing so.

Now, was it right that before 1.2 sorcs were speccing hybrids that were able to heal decently while doing great damage for the class? Or getting our best CC while not losing out on burst? Probably not- but that was a problem with pures not hitting hard enough, not adding enough utility, and not giving enough mobility/survivability.

Yet- there's still been absolutely nothing on pures in eight months- sure, a short alacrity buff- but we can't expect an ability on such a long CD to fix a spec, it's just not realistic- and it didn't save it.

We absolutely must have pures looked at- this should have happened in 1.2 when they nerfed hybrids into the ground, that it hasn't happened since is just negligence and some of the worst pvp class balancing I've ever seen in an mmo.

This MUST change- and I'm tired of waiting, and waiting, and waiting while marauders and juggs are having a blast mowing down teams while popping endless defensives.