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I'm fairly certain that makem will also include heterosexual flirts, probably way more than gay ones too (unless they go the gender neutral route)
The cynic in me says that Bioware are putting in two (one lesbian, one gay man) [Flirt] options for same-sex, but that your character will be shot-down or the issue will be skirted and-let's-get-back-to-the-war-thank-you, and that the rest of the [Flirt]s will be pawing and fawning opposite-sex [Flirt]s so that the straight (=narrow) people won't feel left out

Edit: My mind won't let this go-

Cipher Nine lands on Makeb with strict instruction to oversee the new Sith Intelligence's role in the war effort and how the Hutts are taking to their alliance. Walking through the space port he spots his contact, and a cute chap he is as well!

Cipher: Perhaps we could discuss this more... privately?
Contact: This isn't that kind of planet. There's a war on, in case you haven't noticed. *proceeds to flirt with Ensign Temple openly and shamelessly*

Yay :/