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01.14.2013 , 03:22 PM | #5239
strangely, I'm surprised fox news deems a video game report-worthy to begin with, but who knows what's going on inside their heards...

I just find it to be quite telling that just because there will ALSO be homosexual flirt options nobody even talks about how flirt options have been a part of this game since basically the start (I haven't played all gender/class combos but I'm pretty damn sure the male sith warrior gets their first [flirt] prompt at the questgiver who tells you to go see your class trainer (the sith pureblood who tells you 'nice try kiddo but you're not worthy - yet')

I'm fairly certain that makeb will also include heterosexual flirts, probably way more than gay ones too (unless they go the gender neutral route)

edit: is it normal for fox articles to not include who actually wrote them or am I just blind?