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Anakin Skywalker was aboard the space station. So why did the Separatists attack? Sidious assumedly knew about all major Separatist movements through Dooku, so wouldn't he know about a major plot like this that could have turned the tide of the war? And if he did, how come he was willing to let the Chosen One die? Which he planned from the word go to make his apprentice? I suppose Sidious could have been unaware of this plot, but it seems somewhat unlikely.

And yes, R2 was perhaps wearing a little bit too much plot armour, that could have been done more believably...

Altogether though, an enjoyable side track to the general 'pew pew'. I look forward to the next arc.
I tend to explain all the missions that put Anakin in peril as - if he fails, he's not worthy. Much like how in a comic book, Sidious was willing to offer up Vader alone to a Jedi who wanted to become his apprentice. The victor of the duel would take his place at his side.

As for R2-D2's plot armour, it's pretty ridiculous. It would have been much better to to have Wack die to show the hazards of war, or at least one of the other droids.