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The consular story feels very KOTOR 2 like.
There you go, that right there.

ALL classes have a repetitive Act 1. Sith Warrior? Go kill some people Baras tells you to kill. Bounty Hunter? Go collect a bounty on each planet. Jedi Consular? Go shield or kill corrupt jedi masters.

As I said earlier I just started Alderaan and so far I actually really like the light side Consular. It isn't as action packed, but even light side I've had a few moments where I got to be a total ****** without breaking character. It isn't some sweeping, galaxy changing story so far, at least not in the short term, but the story feels more behind the scenes and in the long run, more grand. The Jedi Knight is out to save the galaxy, the Consular is arguably the only thing that can save the Jedi order--perhaps including the Knight. I feel like the unsung hero, the one who plays just as major a role in this story as any other class, but sadly won't make the history books lol.