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01.14.2013 , 02:25 PM | #7
I'm a pyro specced PT and I knew have issues finding a spot in raids. For one if hes good he should be pushing your mara's to put out more dps because they never wanna be beat. For two behind the mara they're the second best dps(can argue snipers here also). To answer your question assuming he knows his rotation and can keep his heat down chance are he's going to improve your raid groups dps.

TBH warn the tanks, this person must be guarded and he his going to pull. As i said i play one myself and i also tank with one in my main raid group they def make things more exciting for tanks. No threat drop for them. In the long run it will make your tanks better because if they can hold aggro off one to start a fight they can hold aggro on anything.

..they are capable full geared of over 2k dps