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01.14.2013 , 02:17 PM | #15
On top of the personal mentoring, parse analysis, etc. it might be helpful to have not just "casual" runs but "introductory" runs where you take some less-experienced people along for the explicit purpose of learning to execute mechanics and utilize class skills. If you tell everyone up front that you will have an intro op, easily annoyed vets will know to stay away, helpful vets will want to come along, and those who need improving will be more open to ask questions (unlike in other ops where people might be intimidated and not want to slow the raid down with noob questions).

In my experience this has been a great way to get PVPers involved in PVE, give experienced folks a chance to try a new class/role, and satisfy the desire for everyone to raid without bogging down high-end progression runs with excessive mistakes.