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This. As a healer it sucks when he does this to you. Cause not only can you not heal yourself you cant heal anyone else as your pinned to the ground.

I am geared mostly 61 as heals and if I have a group of about the same geared then it matters very little however if they are fresh 50s and the healer is pinned you may be screwed
This a million times and this is the reason why G'klarg should go down first. If anyone got pinned by him it's not an issue - it's just some lost DPS - but if your healer gets pinned (s)he won't be able to heal him/herself and it's going to hurt.

Not to boast but I'm not a bad healer and I am overgeared for this fp with 22k HP yet I died being pinned right at the start as the other untauntable guy kept hitting me (pretty sure our tank hadn't taunted the commander though). There was simply nothing I could do.

Now you're going to acknowledge the fact that kill order would have changed nothing to my death since I was targetted right from the start, I agree, I'm just underlining the fact that this guy is the most annoying of the trio, hence he should be dealt with in priority.
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