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I havent cared to try 16 man raids to much based on the fact that the majority of the people i have come across in this game are not highly discipline as raiders, and the fact that the progression of the fights are making near perfect execution more important.

I can mange to do a raid with a couple of people that will most likely make a noticeable mistake 50% of the time on progression, in a 16 man raid i would most likely have 4 to 6 people that are likely to make a mistake half of the time, and hence making the raids harder then what they need to be.

I raid to kill ****, i dont mind dying to a hard boss, or even bad RNG (i actually welcome some degree of punishing RNG in a raid fight); I do mind dying when someone in the raid makes a repeated mistake....i usually shrug it off and continue on, but i feel that in a 16 man that it would be far to often the norm.

Please know i am not speaking badly about any guilds, 16m or 8m... i am speaking about the general player base of this game compared to the other MMOs that i have played in the last decade. I actually applaud the 16 man guilds that are still out there, that are willing to do the extra recruiting it takes to keep your guild alive, and the on going battle against morale that i am sure you guys/gals face.
I couldn't have said it better myself. I stopped caring about 16m Ops in this game long ago simply because people don't care and are generally a lot less skilled than what I am used to compared to, say, WoW raiding community. I can hardly imagine there being an MMO based on raiding that has a worse playerbase than what I've been witnessing in this game since the major exodus around patch 1.2.