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So it is only a game but you don't think it is worth enjoying it with your friend because success is too important to you?

If I was ever in this situation I would re-assess my own priorities and if raid success meant more to me than actually playing with someone I like then I would probably quit the game because it was doing me more harm than good.
The way i see it is that i raid maybe 6 to 10 hours a week; that leaves me with plenty of time to mess around with friends and people that i see as great social friends but not the greatest players.

It is sorta like if you played baseball as a hobby; you may play in a league there is competitive, and winning is very important, while also playing in a second league that is more suited to social aspects and where winning isnt important at all.

It doesnt make you a dick to play in a league where winning and competition is important.

@OP, it really depends on what type of raid force you have, if you guys are more casual, hardcore.... somewhere in the middle. It is important to define where your raid force stands and address issues concerning under-performance accordingly to where you guys stand (ex. casual really doesnt give a damn and will sugarcoat things, while a hardcore will be straightforward).
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